Eggcubism in educational contexts:

'If you walk around a painted egg carton, the images overlap each other. This creates an interesting and unexpected distortion that allows space for the viewer’s own imagination. Eggcubism forces you to look actively: you have to keep changing location and focus. The combination of direct and indirect watching breaks traditional patterns of seeing. You could say the total image is only completed in the mind of the one looking at it. What you cannot see, your subconscious fills in for you. The painted egg cartons draw out our own consciousness.'


As the artistic 'inventor' of Eggcubism I am in regular contact with educators, teaching networks, museums and educational editors from all around the globe who use pictures of my Eggcubim works for their lessons and a variety of educational purposes.. I work as an educator myself and advise and develope creative lessons for myself and for others. As an artist-educator I participate internationally in different discourses on Recycled Art and interdisciplinary learning.

Eggcartons are freely available as they are a wellknown part of regular household waste all over the world. Therefore they offer a great and cheap opportunity to integrate them in your creative lessons on health and economics, food and animal health, and (mass) consumption, which have large impact on the earths natural resources and obliges us to think of waste management, and further to think about re-use, recycling, upcycling and sustainability.

The fysical shape of an empty egg carton has proven to be inviting and challenging to use in playful learning to understand many different biological aspects of the human visual perception and their influence on the development in Art history (Cubism!) .
Basicly looking at a simple empty egg carton from different sides can learn us a lot about our 'own perspective' and 'broad insight': what we use our eyes and brains for: how we look into the world and how we experience our world from our own position, which is connected with our 'points of view', These inner points of view or (fixed) opinions are in it's turn influenced by many external social and cultural aspects (advertising, social media, face recognition etcetera). Thus basic awareness of principles of perception and reception (phenomenology) can be adressed in your lessons.

Mostly my portrait works are used for creative painting classes on self identitifacition, growing pupils awareness about their self-image and appearance and about the fact that others see another person differently from the (mirror) image that a person has about themselves. Eggcubism self portrait lessons are part of interdisciplinary creative learning methodes that can help students to find a useful personal vocabulary in reflecting on their inner feelings as well as finding new ways to out their opinions about themselves (appearance and ego) and their social and cultural surroundings, thus leading to more self conciousness. and self confidence. Didn't we all develope from peeping out of quite similar eggs? Then what are the characteristics of the communities into which we were born and what fysical appearances do these characteristics show us? And how do they influence us? Starting your lessons from these questions your pupils can proove to be your teachers too!

External sources:

Gestalt theory - Wertheimer

(more will follow)

A request to teachers:

I am interested in the process and the results of your Eggcubism lessons! My future desire is to publish a beautiful book in which I can publish the wonderful worldwide results of different Eggcubism lessons. This book will contain a lot of pictures of student Eggcubism works and projects, and tips and tricks for teachers to improve the quality of their lessons. So I am very pleased when you continue to send me pictures of your results and your experiences when using Eggcubism in your lesson programm. When sending your information please add some information on which level or grade and school or institute that you are teaching.
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